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Canoeing & Kayaking

Discover a different way of getting to know the region through its rivers. Gaze at the island of Visovac with a monastery that sits uniquely in the middle of the lake formed by the River Krka. Canoeing has been a tradition in Croatia for centuries but it will need very little time to conquer you. Find your own way to undiscovered sights from rivers like the Cetina or Zrmanja that sit in the middle of national parks in the south.

Live exciting fluvial adventures or navigate through the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea and let your feelings guide you in expeditions across beautiful islands.

Contact for Kayaking:

Mobile: +385 91 2554 025
Email: info@dalina.hr

Contact for Rafting, Pedalling, River Boat Tours, Kayak Safari and Jeep Photo Safari:

Riva Rafting Centar d.o.o.
Telephone: +385 23 689 920
Email: info@riva-rafting-centar.hr