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Apartments Biograd - Cala

Be right where the action is by staying in apartments Biograd located directly in the town’s center. The Dalmatian city Biograd na Moru, offers plenty of attractive options for apartments and private accommodation. You’ll never be left wanting something to do when you stay right in the heart of the town.

Our private accommodation units in Biograd are just 120 meters (app. 3-5-minute walk) from incredible beaches like Điga, Bazen, Dražica, and Soline. So stroll to the waterfront and enjoy the sights, or go ahead and take a swim if you have a boat, dock at the nearby port for easy access to the city.

When you’re in the mood for a little more excitement, you’ll find the city center is even closer to your front door than the beaches. Study out Biograd’s restaurants, pubs, and cafes when you feel like having dinner, a glass, or some amusement.

But, of course, restaurants and cafes aren’t the only places to get food in Biograd. The city boasts a beautiful food market with fresh fish, meat, and produce if you like your cooking best.

apartments Biograd na moru, Croatia