How Many Electric Car Charging Stations Are There in Croatia?

Croatia – a top tourist destination

Croatia is a stunning country in Central Europe renowned for its beautiful natural scenery and extensive cultural history. With more than 1,000 islands, pristine waters, and charming cities, it’s no wonder that Croatia has seen a spike in popularity as a travel destination. This Mediterranean treasure has many spectacular things to explore, from ancient cities and picturesque villages to breathtaking National Parks. That’s one of the reasons you probably worry about the first question: How many electric car charging stations are there in Croatia?

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming more critical for tourists in Croatia

Croatia has gained popularity as a travel destination for individuals seeking to reduce their ecological footprint in addition to its natural beauty. Furthermore, the country has significantly improved its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in recent years, making it an excellent alternative for environmentally concerned tourists wishing to explore the region in an environmentally friendly manner.

EV charging infrastructure in Croatia

Croatia has advanced much in recent years in building its EV charging infrastructure. In 2014, the country’s public charging stations numbered just 10, according to the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Yet, as of 2021, Croatia had more than 350 public charging stations. In addition, as of 2023, there are approximately 600 Croatian charging stations throughout the country, with a capacity for about 2,000 electric vehicles. EV owners in Croatia can access a wide range of private and public charging alternatives. Nowadays, many hotels and inns provide EV charging as a bonus for visitors, and some companies even offer charging stations for staff. In general, Croatia’s growing EV charging infrastructure is encouraging for the nation’s future in environmentally friendly transportation. The availability of charging infrastructure will be essential to ensure that drivers can travel quickly and confidently as more and more EVs are put on the road.

How Many Electric Car Charging Stations Are There in Croatia?

The number of Public Charging Stations

No matter where their trips take them, EV owners can easily find a convenient charging alternative thanks to the abundance of charging stations in cities, villages, and along major roads. Fast and level 2 chargers are two noteworthy aspects of Croatia’s charging infrastructure. Fast chargers, sometimes called DC fast chargers, are perfect for longer trips or drivers who need to quickly top off their battery because they can deliver a full charge in 30 to 60 minutes. However, for drivers who need to charge their car overnight or throughout the day while exploring, level 2 chargers are an excellent alternative because they offer a complete charge in a few hours.

EV charging options in Biograd and the surrounding area

The accessibility of charging infrastructure has become crucial for individuals travelling in Croatia’s Biograd region as electric cars (EVs) gain popularity. More than 40 EV charging stations can be found within 50 km of Biograd, giving EV owners a quick and dependable means to refuel their vehicles. Finding charging stations in the Biograd region can be done with the help of the PlugShare website The website lists many charging stations spread across towns and cities within a 50-kilometre radius of Biograd. Level 2 and fast chargers are present at these charging stations, which can complete a full charge in just a few hours. A convenient charging outlet in Biograd may be found in Kaufland, a well-known retailer of groceries in the area. The Kaufland charging station is an attractive choice for EV users who require a quick recharge while running errands or shopping because it has both fast and level 2 chargers. In addition, another well-liked supermarket brand, Lidl, has a charging station in the Biograd area. Finally, there is a charging station in Marina Kornati for EV users who like sailing or boating. For individuals who need to refuel their automobiles while taking in a day on the lake, this charging station with level 2 chargers is a fantastic choice. Overall, Biograd’s charging infrastructure is reasonably strong, with numerous accessible and dependable locations throughout the city.

ev charging stations in croatia

Private charging options

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming increasingly in demand as more people transition to EVs. Hotels and guesthouses are one location where EV charging stations are starting to appear more frequently. Hotels and guesthouses are beginning to realise the importance of offering EV charging as a convenience for electric vehicle visitors. Offering EV charging has several advantages, including attracting more visitors. To charge their vehicles while staying the night, many EV drivers search for hotels that provide charging stations. Hotels and guesthouses can draw and keep more visitors who drive electric vehicles by providing this service.

Charging networks throughout Croatia

Range anxiety is one of EV users’ most significant problems when travelling. Range anxiety is the worry that you will run out of power while travelling. Now, travellers can plan their route and ensure they have enough battery life to go where they’re going without worrying about running out of power. Using PlugShare to find charging stations!

A key priority if you own an electric vehicle (EV), is to locate charging outlets while on the road. Unfortunately, even though EVs are growing in popularity, finding trustworthy charging stations can still be challenging. Fortunately, tools are available to assist EV users in finding charging stations, and PlugShare is one of the best. EV charging stations are listed in detail on a map provided by PlugShare, a website and mobile app. PlugShare is the largest charging network in the world, with over 200,000 charging stations registered in more than 180 countries. One fantastic feature of PlugShare is the availability of private charging stations for usage by EV owners in addition to public charging stations. So if you’re on a lengthy road trip and need to locate a charging station in a far-off location, this can be helpful.


ev charging stations in croatia

PlugShare is simple to use. PlugShare will show you a map of close-by charging stations when you enter your location and the kind of charging connector you require. The charging station’s public or private status, network, and charging speed can all be used to filter the results.
It helps you locate charging stations and offers details on the charging station’s availability, cost, and hours of operation. Even reading reviews from other EV owners who have used the charging station is an option, and this is particularly useful for figuring out how reliable a charging station is. By displaying charging outlets along the route, PlugShare can also assist you in route planning if you’re planning a lengthy road trip. For the most convenient and stress-free driving experience possible if you own an EV, check out PlugShare.

  • STEP 1. Visit
    EV charging stations are listed in detail on a map provided by PlugShare, a website and mobile app. Go to the PlugShare website first.
  • STEP 2. Input Your Location
    If you type “Biograd” into the search bar, the map will display every charging station nearby.
  • STEP 3. Filter the Results
    You can filter the results by connector type if you only have one type of charging connector. Also, you may narrow down the results according to the network, charging speed, and whether the station is public or private.
  • STEP 4. Verify availability
    To view the availability of a charging station, click on it. If the charging station is in use, you may see how long the current session has been going on and when it will be accessible again.
  • STEP 5. Review Prices
    PlugShare discloses the prices for each charging station. Others charge by the hour or kilowatt-hour, while other charging stations may offer free charging.
  • STEP 6. Verify the operating hours
    Verify each charging station’s operating hours to be sure. For example, some charging stations might only be accessible during specific times of the day.
  • STEP 7. Read evaluations
    Finally, read EV consumers’ charging station reviews which helps determine charging station reliability.

All these instructions can help you quickly locate charging stations while spending your vacation time in our accommodation in Biograd na Moru, Croatia.