Dogs are not allowed on most beaches in Biograd. But this rule does not apply to beaches not maintained by the City of Biograd. During the high season, those beaches are occupied by significantly fewer people. On beaches that are not maintained by the City of Biograd, your pet will not bother anyone. Be sure to avoid city beaches such as Bazen, Dražica, Soline and Bošana. In this photo, you can find dog-friendly areas where you will not experience problems if you take your dog for a swim.

Are dogs allowed in restaurants?

By law, bringing the dog to a restaurant is not allowed. But, as more and more people have dogs, restaurant owners are more flexible on this policy. As we own a dog ourselves, in only 1% of cases we experienced rejection at the restaurant because of our dog. If you have a well-behaved dog, especially a small breed, it will not be a problem for the restaurant to host you, especially if you kindly ask. Most caterers will automatically offer you a bowl of water for your best friend.

Are there any dog-friendly apartments in Biograd?

Dog-friendly accommodation is altogether a different story. Most apartment owners do not allow pets, but more and more are receiving guests with pets with extra cleaning fees charged. It is possible to find a dog-friendly apartment in Biograd but with a little more effort. But if you have difficulty finding one, hotel accommodation is another way to go.