28th April 2017 – 01 May 2017.

This year’s International Labor Day for some will be a long weekend, as the holiday on Monday, so here’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate May 1 and spend exactly in Biograd.

From April 28 to May 1 we have prepared plenty of events in the form of active rest and entertainment programs, everyone can find something for themselves and for a weekend trip to choose just Biograd.
And although this weekend entitled “Slovenian weekend,” he is not just for Slovenians: weekend this is for all those looking for sports and recreational activities, and the emphasis on the involvement of families.

04/28/2017. BIOGRAD REGATTA 2017.
How to start an active weekend, if not with a sailing regatta! Biograd regatta begins at 09:30 on the waterfront, at 10:00 a skipper meeting, and the start at 10:30, navigating the Pasman Channel. Start of the second race is planned at 14:30. At 18:00 hours the announcement of the winners with the award ceremony and the dinner for all participants. All necessary information for those who are interested in the race can be found on the official website of the Yacht Club Biograd.

At the same evening, starting at 20:30 on the waterfront, the rock band “The Second Hand Band” will entertain all the guests.

04/29/2017. BIOGRAD RUN 2017.
The best way to spend the Saturday morning is to sip the coffee at the waterfront, resting after a party night. Soaking up the sun’s rays and slowly preparing for the race.
On the waterfront, the photo point will be organized for perpetuating this special weekend in Biograd, perfect to share with friends on social networks!

Biograd run begins by gathering of participants at 17:00 on the waterfront, the start is planned at 18:00 o’clock. The race will consist of three stages: 1 km, 5 km and 10 km. The shortest stage is ideal for the youngest participants, stage 5 km for runner amateurs and longest stage is for professionals and those toughest. The beauty of this race is in the route that would include the coast of Biograd, from the waterfront, across the beach and the forest-park Soline. The registration fee for this perfectly organized race is free of charge. When applying, each participant will receive a T-shirt with the logo. All participants will receive a medal. A party is organized at the waterfront where “Biograd pasta” will be served.

From 20:30, after the award ceremony and banquet, the real fun begins with a big concert of Slovenian star Tanja Zagar!

After the regatta and Biograd run a Sunday is reserved for recreational walk to the Croatian “Gardaland” – fun park Mirnovec. It is officially opening in June, but the participants of the walk are going to be the first to have the opportunity to see how the park looks.

The walk route passes along the most beautiful part of the town. The rout starting point is the City park. Next point is the City Administration building located at the Biograd Waterfront. Walk will continue to the “Illirija” hotels and the Blue-Flag awarded beach Drazice. The walk will take you to the one of the largest campsites in Croatia. The rout continues following the bike road to the fun park Mirnovec.
Upon completion of the tour, the return route follows the bike trail along the Adria hotel. Walking back to the waterfront, across the promenade, back at the starting point at the City Park. There, the authentic Dalmatian snack will be organized for all that took a walk.

In the evening, the transportation to the neighbouring town, St. Philip and James, will be organized for all the participants, to the Neno Belan concert.